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Appendix B: Safety and Control Areas

The CNSC’s regulatory requirements and expectations for the safety performance of programs are grouped into three functional areas and 14 safety and control areas (SCAs). The SCAs are further divided into specific areas that define the key components of each SCA. Table B.1 shows a list of the functional areas, SCAs and the specific areas that define the key components of each SCA.

Table B.1: The CNSC’s functional areas, safety and control areas, and specific areas

Functional area

Safety and control area (SCA)

Specific area


1.      Management system

Management system




Performance assessment, improvements and management review


Operating experience (OPEX)


Change management


Safety culture


Configuration management


Records management


Management of contractors


Business continuity


2.      Human performance management

Human performance program


Personnel training


Personnel certification


Initial certification examinations and requalification tests


Work organization and job design


Fitness for duty


3.      Operating performance

Conduct of licensed activities




Reporting and trending


Outage management performance


Safe operating envelope


Severe accident management and recovery


Accident management and recovery

Facility and equipment

4.      Safety analysis

Deterministic safety analysis

Hazard analysis


Probabilistic safety assessment


Criticality safety


Severe accident analysis


Management of safety issues (including R&D programs)


5.      Physical design

Design governance


Site characterizations


Facility design


Structure design


System design


Components design


6.      Fitness for service

Equipment fitness for service / equipment performance




Structural integrity


Aging management


Chemistry control


Periodic inspections and testing

Core control processes

7.      Radiation protection

Application of ALARA

Worker dose control

Radiation protection program performance

Radiological hazard control

Estimated dose to public


8.      Conventional health and safety







9.      Environmental protection

Effluent and emissions control (releases)


Environmental management system (EMS)


Assessment and monitoring


Protection of the public


Environmental risk assessment


10.   Emergency management and fire protection

Conventional emergency preparedness and response

Nuclear emergency preparedness and response

Fire emergency preparedness and response


11.   Waste management

Waste characterization


Waste minimization


Waste management practices


Decommissioning plans


12.   Security

Facilities and equipment


Response arrangements


Security practices


Drills and exercises


13.   Safeguards and non-proliferation

Nuclear material accountancy and control


Access and assistance to the IAEA


Operational and design information


Safeguards equipment, containment and surveillance


Import and export


14.   Packaging and transport

Package design and maintenance


Packaging and transport


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