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Appendix D: Sample Format for Listing the Supporting Documentation

The applicant should ensure that the licence application addresses all of the information requested in this licence application guide. The applicant is encouraged to map the information provided to the related sections and subsections of this document. Note: The applicant will have already provided supporting documentation in an application for a licence for site preparation.

For this supporting documentation and information, the application should clearly identify the information that has already been submitted and provide a list of the supporting documents.

D.1          Sample (suggested) format

This table provides a sample format that the applicant may consider for providing a mapping of the supporting information to the SCA framework. It also provides a sample format for cross-referencing applicable information that has been previously provided to the CNSC.

Note: The column heading “In LCH for WN (Y/N)” indicates whether the document is identified in the licensee’s current licence conditions handbook (LCH) as a document requiring written notification (WN) of change to the CNSC.




In LCH for WN (Y/N)

Previously submitted (Y/N)

Related sections and subsections of REGDOC‑1.1.3








e.g., 4.1












































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