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For definitions of terms used in this document, see REGDOC‑3.6, Glossary of CNSC Terminology, which includes terms and definitions used in the Nuclear Safety and Control Act and the regulations made under it, and in CNSC regulatory documents and other publications. REGDOC‑3.6 is provided for reference and information.

The following terms are either new terms being defined, or include revisions to the current definition for that term. Following public consultation, the final terms and definitions will be submitted for inclusion in the next version of REGDOC‑3.6, Glossary of CNSC Terminology.

authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) (autorité compétente (AC))

The regulatory organization, office or agency responsible for approving or accepting designs, equipment, materials, installations or procedures in accordance with applicable codes and standards.
Note 1: In Canada, the regulatory authorities are the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) and other provincial or federal government agencies that have jurisdiction.
Note 2: AHJ is also referred to as “regulatory authority”.

engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) (ingénierie, approvisionnement et construction (IAC))

A common form of contract used to undertake construction works on large-scale and complex infrastructure projects. Note: This term may also include commissioning.

engineering, procurement and construction management (EPCM) (gestion de l’ingénierie, approvisionnement et construction (GIAC))

A contracting arrangement where the client selects a contractor who provides management services for the entire project on behalf of the client.


See engineering, procurement and construction.


See engineering, procurement and construction management.

intelligent customer (client intelligent)

[A concept that] relates to organization rather than the capabilities of individual personnel. As an intelligent customer, in the context of nuclear safety, the organization should know what is required, should fully understand the need for a contractor’s services, should specify requirements, should supervise the work and should technically review the output before, during and after the work. [55]


See project management consultant or contractor.

project management consultant or contractor (PMC+C) (consultant en gestion de projet ou entrepreneur (CGP+E))

A consultant or contractor who, under a project management contract, oversees the work done by all contractors and suppliers to ensure compliance with the scope of work.

Tier 1 (Niveau 1)

The design consultants and the main contractor who work directly for the employer (that is, they have a direct contract with the client). The main contractor may have a limited chain of their own suppliers.

Tier 2 (Niveau 2)

Specialist contractors who provide a variety of service for the main (Tier 1) contractors and suppliers. A Tier 2 specialist is sub-contracted through one of the main (Tier 1) contractors or suppliers.

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