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This regulatory document is part of the CNSC’s reactor facilities series of regulatory documents, which also covers site suitability and licence application guides for other lifecycle stages for reactor facilities. The full list of regulatory document series is included at the end of this document and can also be found on the CNSC’s website.

Regulatory document REGDOC-1.1.2, Licence Application Guide: Licence to Construct a Nuclear Reactor Facility sets out requirements and guidance on submitting an application to the CNSC to obtain a licence to construct a reactor facility in Canada, and identifies the information that should be included in the application.

This document is the second version. It will be used to assess licence applications for proposed new reactor facilities. Once the Commission has granted a licence, the safety and control measures described in the licence application and the documents needed to support the application will form part of the licensing basis.

For information on the implementation of regulatory documents and on the graded approach, see REGDOC-3.5.3, Regulatory Fundamentals.

The words “shall” and “must” are used to express requirements to be satisfied by the licensee or licence applicant. “Should” is used to express guidance or that which is advised. “May” is used to express an option or that which is advised or permissible within the limits of this regulatory document. “Can” is used to express possibility or capability.

Nothing contained in this document is to be construed as relieving any licensee from any other pertinent requirements. It is the licensee’s responsibility to identify and comply with all applicable regulations and licence conditions.

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