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Section 1.3, Relevant legislation

Relevant legislation

The following provisions of the Nuclear Safety and Control Act (NSCA, the Act) and the regulations made under it are relevant to this document:

  • NSCA, subsection 24(4) and paragraphs 26(a) and (e)
  • General Nuclear Safety and Control Regulations (GNSCR), subsection 3(1.1)

Other relevant sections of the regulations made under the NSCA are included in the content of this document. Appendix A maps a list of relevant clauses from the NSCA and the regulations made under the NSCA to the related sections of this licence application guide.

The applicant must also comply with all applicable laws and regulations at all jurisdictional levels.

Note: This regulatory document includes select requirements that are based on the NSCA and the regulations made under the NSCA. While each section of the regulatory document addresses select requirements related to the safety and control area (SCA) or other topic of regulatory interest being discussed, applicants are responsible for ensuring that all requirements under the NSCA and regulations for the proposed activities are addressed in an application.

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