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Sections 2.0, Licensing Basis, Process and Submission and 2.1, Background

Licensing Basis, Process and Submission

This section provides information on the licensing basis and application process, including completing and submitting the licence application.


Under the Nuclear Safety and Control Act (NSCA), the CNSC does not certify a reactor design. The following activities may be licensed:

·      site preparation for the purpose of constructing or operating a reactor facility

·      construction of a reactor facility

·      operation of a reactor facility

·      decommissioning of a reactor facility

·      abandonment of a reactor facility

Licenses can be combined to permit multiple activities. The applicant shall address all regulatory requirements pertaining to each stage of the reactor facility’s lifecycle in the licence application.

In most cases, policies, programs, processes, procedures and other safety and control measures developed at the lifecycle phase of site preparation will continue to be used, and will be adapted to support construction and commissioning activities and future facility operation.

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