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Section 2.3, Licensing process

Licensing process

REGDOC 3.5.1, Licensing Process for Class I Nuclear Facilities and Uranium Mines and Mills [3], clarifies the licensing process in the context of the NSCA.

In addition to the information provided in this licence application guide (REGDOC‑1.1.2), the CNSC may request additional information by sending supplemental, facility-specific guidance to the applicant prior to the beginning of the licensing process.

The licensing process is initiated when the applicant submits a licence application. The CNSC may request additional information from the applicant, even if the application generally conforms to the guidelines provided in this document. Applicants should ensure they have included sufficiently detailed information to allow the licensing process to proceed efficiently; early engagement with CNSC staff is encouraged.

Note: The information provided in this document does not prevent applicants from proposing alternative ways to meet a requirement. However, any proposed alternative should appropriately reflect the complexities and hazards of the proposed activities, and must be demonstrated by supporting information.

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