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Section 2.4, Structuring the licence application

Structuring the licence application

The application may be completed in either of Canada's official languages (English or French).

This licence application guide describes the expected safety and control measures, organized by the CNSC's safety and control area (SCA) framework. The CNSC uses SCAs as the technical topics to assess, review, verify and report on regulatory requirements and performance across all regulated facilities and activities, as follows (see appendix B):

·       management system

·       human performance management

·       operating performance

·       safety analysis

·       physical design

·       fitness for service

·       radiation protection

·       conventional health and safety

·       environmental protection

·       emergency management and fire protection

·       waste management

·       security

·       safeguards and non-proliferation

·       packaging and transport

Each of the 14 SCAs is further divided into specific areas that cover topics addressed in a complete assessment and review.

The applicant may choose to organize the information in any structure. However, the applicant is encouraged to organize the licence application according to the CNSC's SCA framework so as to facilitate the CNSC's review. If the application does not follow the order and organization of SCAs as shown above, the applicant should map the application to the CNSC's SCA framework. References to more detailed supporting documentation may be included in the application.

Appendix C provides the review objectives for an application for a licence to construct a reactor facility. These objectives assist in integrating individual reviews into an overall assessment of the adequacy of a licence application.

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