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Section 2.5, Completing the licence application

Completing the licence application

The applicant is responsible for ensuring that the licence application contains sufficient information to meet regulatory requirements and to demonstrate that the applicant is qualified to carry on the licensed activity and will make adequate provision to protect the health, safety and security of persons and the environment. The applicant may provide cross-references to detailed information in other sections as appropriate.

The application should cite CNSC regulatory documents, and other codes and standards that will govern program objectives that demonstrate the applicant's ability to implement the safety and control measures.

Early in the licensing process, the CNSC will provide the applicant with the appropriate version (publication date and revision number) of each document to be cited through supplemental guidance. The supplemental guidance may also indicate additional documents that the applicant should consider and address in the application.

The applicant may provide references to documents that were previously provided in a pre‑licensing vendor design review (VDR) submission. For a design that has undergone the VDR process, relevant supporting information would be considered in the context of the application for a licence to construct. An application for a licence to construct a reactor facility should provide a list of the application’s supporting documents and clearly identify which information has already been submitted to the CNSC (for example, as part of a previous licence application or for another purpose). The supporting documents describe the safety policies, programs, processes, procedures, and other safety and control measures. Appendix C provides a sample format for applicants to map their supporting documents to the SCA framework. Note: If the document version in the supporting information has changed, the applicant must provide the CNSC with the new version number and a revised copy of the document.

The application should indicate the relevant sections of each supporting document.

 In the case of a licence renewal:

·       The applicant shall submit improvement plans and significant activities to be carried out during the proposed licence period. These improvements include activities such as programmatic changes and major hardware modifications, replacements or repairs. Where changes are planned for the purposes of meeting new standards or practices, the applicant shall identify the standard to be met and provide an implementation plan that includes target dates for implementation.

·       The applicant shall provide a statement of performance assessment that includes significant findings and lessons learned over the previous licence period. This statement should describe, at a minimum:

·       industrial safety performance history

·       past performance under each SCA

·       significant findings that affect or have previously affected the conduct of licensed activities

·       significant lessons learned from operating experience (OPEX)

·       results from major self-assessments

·       how the applicant:

·       has addressed any follow up actions from any environmental reviews conducted during the current licensing period

·       will address any ongoing or outstanding follow up actions

·       The applicant should describe any additional planned changes that may affect the applicant's ability to carry on the licensed activities (for example, significant organizational or management changes).

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