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Sections 3.2, Facility and activities to be licensed, 3.2.1, Licence period and 3.2.2, Statement of the main purpose

Facility and activities to be licensed

Licence period

The applicant should state the requested licence period (years or months).

The CNSC uses flexible licence periods, which enable it to regulate reactor facilities in a risk-informed manner by adjusting the licence period in consideration of the licensee's previous performance and findings of its compliance verification activities.

Statement of the main purpose

The applicant shall provide:

·       information about the activity to be licensed and its purpose

·       a description of any nuclear facility, prescribed equipment or prescribed information to be encompassed by the licence

The application should include a general summary description of the reactor facility, the practices and safety concepts, and a comparison of the reactor facility’s design and construction with prevailing modern standards and international practices. The description should provide an overall understanding of the reactor facility, without the need to refer to other sections in the licence application.

This information may be provided in summary format; for example, by listing the facilities, equipment or information.

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