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Section 4.10.2, Nuclear emergency preparedness and response

The application should describe how the nuclear emergency program encompasses both emergency preparedness and emergency response measures. The description should:

·       address emergency situations that could endanger the safety of onsite workers, the environment and the public

·       include information outlining the interfaces with the provincial nuclear emergency response plans and coordination with the municipalities and foreign states in the surrounding region when implementing the emergency plan and related protective actions

·       provide information on the proximity to the reactor facility of airports, railways, roads and emergency services

The application should describe how the applicant intends to conduct emergency exercises and drills as outlined in their nuclear emergency plan.

The application should describe any natural or artificial events within and beyond the design basis that would affect emergency management requirements (for example, forest fires, earthquakes, extreme weather conditions, toxic fume clouds, explosions and airplane crashes).

The description of the emergency plan should include:

·       a basis for emergency planning

·       selection and qualification of workers

·       emergency preparedness and response organizations

·       staffing levels

·       emergency training, drills and exercises

·       emergency procedures

·       assessment of emergency response capability

·       assessment of accidents

·       activation and termination of emergency responses

·       protection of facility workers and equipment

·       interface with offsite organizations

·       a recovery program

·       a public education program

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