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Section 4.11.2, Waste management practices

The application should identify the main sources of solid, liquid and gaseous radioactive and hazardous waste within the facility. The measures taken for the safe management and disposal of these wastes throughout operation should be described.

The application should describe the types, quantities and volumes of radioactive and hazardous waste that will be accumulated, and how waste will be categorized and separated within the storage areas.

The application should describe the provisions for safe handling of radioactive and hazardous waste of all types produced during operation.

Where the application includes the consolidation of the waste management facility into an operating licence, the application should describe the process for handling (including receipt, transfer and loading of waste), storage and disposal of the solid radioactive waste and the management of spent fuel from the spent fuel bay to the dry storage facility.

The application should describe the potential need for specialized systems to deal with issues of storage in both the near and longer term (for example, cooling, containment, volatility, chemical stability, reactivity, retrievability and criticality), in accordance with sections 8.11 and 10 of REGDOC‑2.5.2, Design of Reactor Facilities: Nuclear Power Plants [9] and with REGDOC‑2.11, Framework for Radioactive Waste Management and Decommissioning in Canada [41]. Any system already in place should be described.

The application should describe how common safety considerations for waste storage are addressed, including:

·       immobility and energy state of the radioactive material

·       stability and resistance to degradation of the waste form and container

·       multi-barrier containment approach

·       waste package life and retrievability

·       facility resistant to hazards, with minimized need for monitoring and maintenance

·       appropriate robustness for the storage period, prior to disposal activities

The application should describe how the program takes into account the possible need to retrieve waste at some point in the future, including during the decommissioning stage.

With respect to the storage and management of spent nuclear fuel, the application should describe how the program reflects the fundamental safety concerns related to criticality, exposure, heat control, containment and retrievability.

If waste will be transported to another specified location for long-term storage, the application should describe provisions for ensuring safe transport.

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