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Section 4.1.2, Management system

The application should describe how the main features of the applicant’s management system are compliant with the relevant requirements of REGDOC‑2.1.1, Management System [6] and CSA N286, Management system requirements for nuclear facilities [7], and how the management system will be implemented.

The application should set out the process for establishing, implementing, assessing and continually improving the management system in line with the twelve management system principles set out in CSA N286 [7], with sufficient detail to ensure that safety is properly considered. The application should describe how the system will address internal and external factors while ensuring that safety is maintained.

The application should demonstrate that:

·       the structure of the management system is clear, and it reflects a logical hierarchy of processes and procedures aligned and integrated to the applicant’s business purpose and safety culture

·       the requisite processes are defined, and the inputs and outputs to each process are clear
Note: Processes may be categorized as:

·       key processes – those providing the main products or services

·       management processes – those setting direction and applying management controls

·       enabling processes – those providing common support and essential services

·       process owners have been appointed, and they understand and are fulfilling their roles

·      processes and procedures are clear and concise, and where applicable, they are being satisfactorily implemented and complied with

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