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Section 4.12.1, General considerations

The application shall describe a security program that meets the requirements of:

·       REGDOC‑2.12.1, High-Security Facilities, Volume I: Nuclear Response Force [19]

·       REGDOC‑2.12.1, High-Security Facilities, Volume II: Criteria for Nuclear Security Systems and Devices [45]

·       REGDOC‑2.12.2, Site Access Security Clearance [46]

·       REGDOC‑2.12.3, Security of Nuclear Substances: Sealed Sources and Category I, II and III Nuclear Material [4]

·       REGDOC‑2.2.4, Fitness for Duty, Volume III: Nuclear Security Officer Medical, Physical, and Psychological Fitness [18]

Note: Any information considered classified, protected, proprietary or personal should be submitted in accordance with the CNSC's Guidance Document on Confidential Filings [47].

Because construction includes fuel-out (or phase A) commissioning, the application’s security provisions shall address the measures necessary to protect the reactor facility throughout construction and fuel-out commissioning. For more information on protecting SSCs under construction and on methods to detect and deter conditions that may affect site security, see REGDOC‑2.3.1, Conduct of Licensed Activities: Construction and Commissioning Programs [8].

The application shall provide proposed timelines and milestones for development of provisions for security during fuel‑in commissioning and reactor facility operation.

The application should describe the security program and plan that will encompass all licensed activities, including a description of:

·       the threat risk assessment (TRA) process and results

·       the cyber security program

·       response arrangements

·       security practices

·       the security training and qualification program

The applicant should provide information related to:

·       site access control and measures to prevent loss or illegal use, illegal possession or illegal removal of the nuclear substance

·       prescribed assets (equipment or prescribed information)

·       the proposed measures to prevent acts of sabotage or attempted sabotage at the nuclear facility

·       specific information related to meeting the requirements for high-security sites and the transportation of Category I, II or III nuclear material

The application should include a complete TRA to evaluate any threats, risks or vulnerabilities to the facility. The application should describe how vital areas within the nuclear facility are protected against design-basis threats and any other credible threats identified in the TRA. The application should describe how the security program is based on credible risks and vulnerabilities, and should contain a site plan that conforms to the Nuclear Security Regulations.

REGDOC‑2.12.3, Security of Nuclear Substances: Sealed Sources and Category I, II and III Nuclear Material [4] provides information on preparing and submitting a written transportation security plan and on what information should be included with a licence application (specific topics include, for example, how security information should be organized and the administrative procedures to be followed when providing the security program description).

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