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Section 4.1.4, Performance assessment, improvement and management review

The applicant should describe the programs covering performance assessment, improvement and management review.

The application should describe the provisions made for an independent and ongoing safety review, including an objective internal self-evaluation program supported by periodic external reviews and taking into account national and international experience and feedback from the nuclear industry.

The application should describe how organizational effectiveness and safety performance are measured, including the use of performance indicators to detect any shortcomings and deteriorations in safety.

The application should describe how organizational changes are managed to prevent degradation of safety performance.

The applicant should demonstrate that the analysis of the causes of significant events will consider technical, organizational and human factors aspects, and that the necessary arrangements have been made to report and analyze near-miss events.

The application should clearly state how the applicant intends to present, promote and assess the key characteristics of good safety performance by all workers at the reactor facility, including contractors and sub‑contractors. The application should provide a proposed timeline and milestones for completion of specific detailed safety performance documentation that will be developed later.

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