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Section 4.1.5, Operating experience

The application should describe how the program for feedback of operating experience has been implemented during site evaluation and design activities, and how it will continue during the construction, commissioning and operating phases of the reactor facility’s lifecycle. The description should explain how the program addresses how events are identified, recorded, investigated, and reported (both internally and to the CNSC), as well as how findings from these events will be used as an input to promote enhanced safety performance of the workers and to support ongoing demonstrations of the high quality of the construction and commissioning activities for the reactor facility.

The applicant should demonstrate that the program covers feedback of relevant operational experience from other reactor facilities, including the identification of generic problems and the implementation of measures for improvements as required. The applicant should also explain how feedback from non-event-related operational feedback (for example, observation of good practices, lessons learned from post-job briefings) will be collected, analyzed and disseminated.

The operating organization is responsible for problem identification, resolution and continual improvement during construction and commissioning. For more information, see REGDOC‑2.3.1, Conduct of Licensed Activities: Construction and Commissioning Programs [8].

The application should provide a proposed timeline and milestones for completion of specific detailed operational experience documentation that will be developed later.

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