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Section 4.2.4, Personnel certification

 Personnel certification

For positions requiring certification as set out in REGDOC‑2.2.3, Volume III, Certification of Persons Working at Nuclear Power Plants [14], the application shall include details on the program that will be implemented to achieve the specified requirements for certification training and testing.

The application should describe the program and schedule established for the certification of personnel for work relating to fuel‑in commissioning and operation of the reactor facility.

The certification program should include roles and responsibilities of certified positions to support the training programs for certified workers at the reactor facility.

The application should describe how the certification training will be linked to, or build upon, the training programs that are common to other workers.

The application should include any proposed alternate approaches that will be implemented to achieve certification and information on how the training and testing positions for the certification program will be staffed. The application should include information on the qualifications of the examiners and training personnel required to conduct certification-related training and testing on the full-scope training simulator.

The applicant should demonstrate that the training and testing of certified personnel ensure that they have the skills and knowledge necessary to perform the duties required to oversee and supervise fuel‑in commissioning activities. The applicant should submit the certification exam results or provide references where appropriate.

For applicants who plan to use previously certified or experienced staff for certified positions, the applicant should show that a gap analysis of their competencies will be done and that the required supplementary training programs will be developed and conducted.

The applicant should demonstrate that the programs ensure that only personnel who hold a CNSC certification for a position are assigned to that position (these positions are directly related to the safe operation of the reactor facility; for example, responsible health physicist, shift manager, authorized nuclear operator).

Where detailed specific certification documentation is to be developed later on, the applicant should provide a proposed timeline and milestones for completion of this work.

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