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Section 4.2.6, Work organization and job design

Work organization and job design

The applicant should demonstrate that the staffing levels supporting the safe construction and commissioning of the reactor facility have been determined through a systematic analysis.

In view of readiness for operation, the application should describe the minimum number of workers with specific qualifications required for normal operations and accident conditions, including the minimum number and position of certified personnel at all times in the nuclear facility and in the main control room (minimum shift complement).

The application should describe the measures that will be in place to mitigate the effect of any violations of the minimum shift complement until minimum complement is restored. The application should demonstrate that each shift's minimum shift complement will be monitored and recorded.

The application should identify the staff positions planned to cover all plant states, along with the proposed occupational groupings for workers at the reactor facility. It should explain in general terms how the analysis connecting the two has been performed, as well as how the individual personnel will be recruited, their skills assessed and the ensuring performance gaps identified to determine the required level of training programs.

The application should outline the qualification and skill requirements that have been set for contracting organizations and their personnel who perform activities that could affect safety for the reactor facility.

Where detailed specific qualification and training documentation is to be developed later on, the applicant should provide a proposed timeline and milestones for completion of this work.

The application should demonstrate how staffing levels will be in accordance with REGDOC‑2.2.5, Minimum Staff Complement [15].

For more information, refer to REGDOC‑2.2.5, Minimum Staff Complement [15] and REGDOC‑2.5.2, Design of Reactor Facilities: Nuclear Power Plants [9].

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