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Section 4.5.12, Control facilities

The application should describe the control facilities, including the main control room, secondary control room and emergency support facilities. It should demonstrate that the control facilities are in accordance with sections 7.21 and 8.10 of REGDOC‑2.5.2, Design of Reactor Facilities: Nuclear Power Plants [9] with an emphasis on human/machine interfaces and the safety grouping concept.

The application should provide the following specific information (noting that some information will be preliminary):

  • safety class of each information system important to safety
  • list of the measured parameters
  • physical locations of the sensors 
  • equipment qualification envelope (defined by the most limiting conditions in operational states or accident conditions)
  • duration of the time period for which the reliable operations of the sensors is required

If the measured parameters are processed by a computer, the application should describe:

  • characteristics of any computer software (for example, scan frequency, parameter validation, and cross-channel sensor checking) used for filtering, trending or to generate alarms
  • long term storage of data and displays, and how that information will be made available to the operators in the control room and the secondary control room
  •  implications of the failure of the reactor facility computers and the mitigating strategies developed to provide operators with essential information
  • means of achieving the synchronization of the different computer systems if data processing and storage are performed by multiple computers

The description should cover the habitability systems, equipment, supplies and procedures that are in place to ensure that essential workers, including those in the main and secondary control rooms, can remain at their posts and operate the reactor facility safely in all operational states, or to maintain the reactor facility in a safe condition under all accident conditions considered in the safety case.

The application should include considerations of escape routes and means of communication. The documentation should explain how workers will relocate from the main control room to the secondary control room when the circumstances demand it, and should demonstrate that the route is properly qualified to ensure safe passage in these circumstances. In addition to the habitability systems for the control rooms, this section should cover:

  • shielding
  • air purification systems
  • systems for the control of climatic conditions
  • storage capacity for food and water, as required
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