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Section 4.5.5, Structure design

The application shall present relevant information on the design of the site layout and on civil engineering works and structures associated with the nuclear facility, with sufficient detail for CNSC staff to verify that the design is in accordance with sections 7.15 and 8.6.2 of REGDOC‑2.5.2, Design of Reactor Facilities: Nuclear Power Plants [9]. The application should describe the design and analysis procedures, the assumed boundary conditions and the computer codes used in the analysis. Site and reactor facility layout information should include the main building and structures (including the foundation), sources of cooling water, grid connection, and access to all essential services required for both normal and emergency operation.

The application should describe the design principles, design basis requirements and criteria, and applicable codes and standards used in the design. The application should demonstrate that the safety margins are sufficient for the buildings and structures important to safety (for example, seismic design and robustness against internal and external events). The application should clearly state and justify any deviation from applicable codes and standards or from other design requirements.

The application should describe the safety classification for each building containing equipment or used for operations important to safety. The classification should be commensurate with the classification of the systems and equipment that it contains or the operations it is used for.

The application should include the seismic classification for each structure and building. The descriptions provided here should include the extent to which various load combinations have been considered in order to confirm the building's ability to meet its safety functions. If a structure performs a function other than structural support (for example, radiation shielding, separation barrier, and confinement or containment), the application should specify the additional requirements for this function and should reference them in other relevant sections of the application.

The application should describe the range of anticipated structural loadings and performance requirements, including design consideration for specific hazards during operation, and for any design considerations or mitigation measures in place to deal with beyond-design-basis accidents.

The description of structures that house nuclear material (such as new and spent fuel or tritiated light or heavy water) should include the design considerations (for example, applied loads, codes and standards, analytical tools and material properties), the structural stability, the relative displacements, and the means of protection against internal and external events that were considered.

The application should address the safety requirements for the containment building or system, including, for example, its structural strength, leak tightness, and resistance to steady-state and transient loads (such as those arising from pressure, temperature, radiation and mechanical effects that could be caused by postulated internal and external events). The application should also include the main design features of the structures provided to comply with these safety requirements.

The application should provide details on the safety requirements and design features for all structures that support confinement and containment functions, such as reactor vault structures, shielding doors, airlocks and access control and facilities, in accordance with section 8.6 of REGDOC‑2.5.2, Design of Reactor Facilities: Nuclear Power Plants [9]. The application should include the coupling between the internal structures and the main confinement or containment structure that affects the transmission of loads from external events to the internal structures.

The description of design provision should also cover details such as:

·       identification of the applicable design guides and design requirements

·       descriptions of structures, including:

·       base slab and sub-base

·       containment wall design

·       containment wall openings and penetrations

·       pre-stressing system

·       containment liner and its attachment method

The application should describe the confinement, including the analytical models and methods used and the results of the design evaluation of the containment's ultimate pressure capacity with the corresponding acceptance criteria. For designs incorporating a liner plate, the application should provide the analysis and design procedures for the liner plate and its anchorage.

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