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Section 4.6.4, Aging management program

The application shall describe the integrated aging management program that meets the requirements of:

·       REGDOC‑2.6.3, Aging Management [32]

·       section 7.17 of REGDOC‑2.5.2, Design of Reactor Facilities: Nuclear Power Plants [9]

The application should include the aging management processes that ensure reliability and availability of required safety functions of SSCs throughout the service life of the reactor facility.

The application should include the following elements of an aging management program:

·       organizational arrangements

·       data collection and record keeping

·       screening and selection process for aging management

·       evaluations for aging management

·       condition assessments

·       SSC-specific aging management plans

·       management of obsolescence

·       interfaces with other supporting programs

·       implementation of SSC-specific aging management plans

·       review and improvement process for aging management programs

The application should include SSC-specific aging management plans (also called lifecycle management plans (LCMPs)) for major components in accordance with the overall integrated aging management program framework. Examples of major components that may require LCMPs are fuel channels, feeder piping, steam generators and reactor components, and structures. The application should include SSC-specific aging management plans (or LCMPs) that are structured and have forward-looking inspection and maintenance schedules, requirements to monitor and trend aging effects, and any preventive actions to minimize and control aging degradation of the SSCs.

Periodic inspection or in service inspection programs may be incorporated directly into aging management programs or LCMPs, or may be treated as stand-alone programs. When such programs are treated as stand-alone programs, their role in the aging management framework should be described in the application.

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