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Section 4.6.6, Periodic and in service inspection and testing programs

The application should include periodic and in service inspection and testing programs for the following SSCs:

·       nuclear pressure boundary components

·       containment components

·       containment structures

·       safety-related structures

·       balance-of-plant pressure boundary components important to nuclear safety

Periodic and in service inspection and testing programs require physical inspection and testing of SSCs to confirm that service-induced degradation has not increased the likelihood of a failure of a barrier against the release of radioactive substances in accordance with section 7.14 of REGDOC‑2.5.2, Design of Reactor Facilities: Nuclear Power Plants [9].

The application should state the codes and standards that the applicant intends to use as the basis of the design, inspection and testing programs. Regulatory acceptance of the proposed codes and standards will be considered as part of the application review process.

The application should include inspection programs for balance-of-plant pressure boundary components based upon the aging management program requirements.

Program documents should describe baseline inspection activities implemented to establish the condition of an SSC at the time it was placed into service and describe periodic inspection activities spanning the intended operating life of the reactor facility.

It is acceptable to divide inspection programs by component type or other relevant criteria and to submit separate inspection program documents.

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