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Section 4.7.3, Elements of the radiation protection program

The applicant should demonstrate that the radiation protection program includes the following elements:

·       organization and administration for radiation protection

·       radiation protection training and qualification

·       classification of areas and local rules

·       radiation exposure and dose control

·       radiation protection equipment and instrumentation

·       radiation monitoring and dose assessment

·       contamination control

·       planning for unusual situations

·       radiation protection program oversight

The information submitted should demonstrate that the radiation protection program is based on an assessment that takes into account the location, magnitude and form (solid, liquid or gas) of all radiological hazards.

Design features for radiation protection

The application should describe the features in the design of the equipment and the reactor facility that ensure radiation protection from sources of radiation. The application should demonstrate, in accordance with section 8.13 of REGDOC‑2.5.2, Design of Reactor Facilities: Nuclear Power Plants [9], that suitable provisions have been made in the design and layout of the reactor facility to reduce doses and radioactive releases from all sources.

The application should also state radiation dose targets in the reactor facility design specification, including those that relate to the dose levels expected for workers and members of the public resulting from operation of the reactor facility throughout its lifecycle.

Organization and administration for radiation protection

The applicant should provide the organizational structure related to the radiation protection program, including the roles and responsibilities of each position and their experience, training and qualification requirements.

The applicant should provide the policies and procedures that will ensure sufficient management control over work practices.

Radiation protection training and qualification

The application should describe the radiation protection training program, including methods for training, retraining and indoctrination training, and for maintenance of radiation protection instruction manuals.

The application should identify the knowledge, skills and awareness required for all employees, including radiation protection personnel, health physics staff, contractors and visitors.

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