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Section 4.9.4, Assessment and monitoring

The application should describe the monitoring system established to cover all environmental monitoring measures on the site during operation.

The application should describe all important pathways, contaminants and parameters, and their relevance to the protection of the environment and human and non-human biota. The description of the system should include the following:

·       a design document that describes the structural framework, environmental monitoring components and associated rationale for the environmental monitoring program, including:

·       description of objectives and monitoring rationale

·       methodology and criteria to identify radiological and hazardous substances and physical and biological parameters that require monitoring

·       sampling and analytical frequency

·       sampling locations

·       environmental media to be sampled

·       analytical detection limits

·       performance indicators, targets and action levels

·       corrective action plan to be implemented if the levels or performance targets are exceeded

·       documentation on worker qualifications and the training program required by staff and contractors

·       information on sampling, analytical methods, calibration of equipment and data management

·       documentation outlining the audit and review process for each of the elements of the environmental monitoring program

The application should:

·       describe how the radiological conditions in the environment of the reactor facility site and the radiological effects of any neighbouring reactor facilities and other external sources are taken into account

·       provide an understanding of the prevailing radiological conditions at the site

·       be detailed enough to serve as an initial reference point of the prevailing radiological conditions

The application should also describe the provisions for monitoring the site-related parameters affected by:

·       seismic events, atmospheric events, and water- and groundwater-related events

·       demographic, industrial and transport-related developments

This description should be sufficiently detailed to provide the information necessary to support emergency actions in response to external events, to support a periodic review of safety at the site, and to develop dispersion modeling for radioactive material. The description should also serve as confirmation of the completeness of the set of site-specific hazards that have been taken into account.

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