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Sections 3.2.3, Description of site, 3.2.4, Description of the facility's existing licensing status and 3.2.5, Nuclear and hazardous substances

Description of site

The application shall contain:

·       a description of the site of the activity to be licensed, including the location of any exclusion zone and any structures within that zone

·       plans showing the location, perimeter, areas, structures and systems of the nuclear facility

·       a site plan that indicates the location and includes a description of the following, if applicable:

·       the perimeter of the lands on which a high-security site is located

·       the barrier enclosing every protected area

·       the protected areas

·       the unobstructed areas that meet the requirements set out in section 10 [of the Nuclear Security Regulations]

·       the structure or barrier enclosing every inner area

·       the inner areas

·       the vital areas

Description of the facility's existing licensing status, if any

If a facility on the site is currently licensed by the CNSC, or a previous licence application is pending, the applicant should provide a description of the licensing status.

Nuclear and hazardous substances

The applicant shall provide:

·       the name, maximum quantity and form of any nuclear substance to be encompassed by the licence

·       the name, form, characteristics and quantity of any hazardous substances that may be on the site while the activity to be licensed is carried on

The applicant should provide the scientific name of each nuclear and hazardous substance.

This information may be provided in summary format; for example, by providing a table of the nuclear and hazardous substances and the information required for each substance.

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