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Sections 3.3: 3.3.1, Certificates and other licences, 3.3.2, Similar facilities and 3.3.3, Supporting information

Other relevant information

Certificates and other licences

The applicant should describe the relationship of this application to any previous licences (for example, site preparation) issued by the CNSC for this facility, including any changes to the safety case that was included in any previous licences.

The applicant should reference any other CNSC licences that control other nuclear substances or activities at the reactor facility; for example, licences for nuclear substances and radiation devices, dosimetry service, and import/export of nuclear substances.

Similar facilities

The applicant should provide a list of any similar facilities owned or operated by the applicant that have been assessed and licensed by either the CNSC or any foreign national regulatory body, and a description of the main differences or design improvements made since that earlier licence was granted. The list should include the following information:

·       facility name

·       location

·       description of the facility

Supporting information

Supporting information includes:

·       the results of experimental programs, tests or analyses (for example, results of manufacturers' material tests and qualification data, and results of fuel behaviour experimental programs)

·       those that have been submitted to, received from, or published by a foreign national regulatory body

·       information published by a national agency or an international nuclear agency such as the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) or the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP)

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