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Sections 4.1, Management system, 4.1.1, General considerations

Management system

The management system SCA covers the framework that establishes the processes and programs required to ensure an organization achieves its safety objectives, continuously monitors its performance against these objectives, and fosters a healthy safety culture.

This section addresses the requirements of the following regulations made under the NSCA:

·       General Nuclear Safety and Control Regulations, paragraphs 3(1)(k), 12(1)(a), and 17(c) and (e), and sections 15, 27 and 28

·       Class I Nuclear Facilities Regulations, paragraphs 3(d) and (f) and 5(g) and (i), and subsections 14(1), (4) and (5)

·       Nuclear Security Regulations, subsections 37(1), (2) and (3), and section 38

·       Nuclear Substances and Radiation Devices Regulations, subsection 36(1)

General considerations

The application should describe the management system programs, processes and procedures that have been or will be put in place to protect health, safety and the environment, and a description of the organizational management structure.

The application should also describe the safety policies, the roles of external safety assessment organizations, and the advisory committees that will advise the management of the organization that will carry out the licensed activities.

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