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Sections 4.10, Emergency management and fire protection and 4.10.1, General considerations

Emergency management and fire protection

The emergency management and fire protection SCA covers emergency plans and emergency preparedness programs that exist for emergencies and for non-routine conditions. This area also includes any results of participation in exercises. 

Note: This SCA includes conventional emergency and fire response. Fire protection operations, design and analysis are discussed in the appropriate SCA of operating performance, safety analysis or physical design.

This section addresses the requirements of the following regulations made under the NSCA:

·      General Nuclear Safety and Control Regulations, paragraphs 3(1)(d) and (i) and 12(1)(a), (b), (c), (d), (e), (f), (g) and (h)

·      Class I Nuclear Facilities Regulations, paragraphs 3(a) and (f), and 5(i) and (k)

General considerations

The application shall describe an emergency preparedness program that meets the requirements of:

·      REGDOC‑2.3.1, Conduct of Licensed Activities: Construction and Commissioning Programs [8]

·      REGDOC‑2.10.1, Nuclear Emergency Preparedness and Response [40]

The application’s emergency preparedness and fire protection provisions shall take into account the location of the facility (greenfield, or on an existing nuclear reactor facility site).

The application shall provide proposed timelines and milestones for development of provisions for emergency preparedness and fire protection during fuel‑in commissioning and reactor facility operation.

An effective emergency preparedness program is based on the following components: 

·      planning basis

·      program management

·      response plan and procedures

·      preparedness

The application should describe the preparations that have been made to ensure that onsite and offsite emergencies and severe accidents will be dealt with safely and effectively. The application should reference population studies and emergency planning considerations related to the site.

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