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Sections 4.11.3, Waste characterization, 4.11.4, Waste minimization and 4.11.5, Decommissioning practices

Waste characterization

The applicant should demonstrate that the waste management program includes the measures taken to categorize and separate waste (for example, physical, chemical and radiological waste).

The application should also describe the measures taken to condition the waste produced during operation, and describe the procedures for processing the waste.

Waste minimization

The application should describe the measures taken to minimize the accumulation of waste produced during operation. The application should include provisions to reduce the waste to a level that is as low as practicable.

The application should describe methods to minimize radioactive waste generation at the source, such as:

·       design measures

·       operating procedures

·       product changes

·       source control

·       technology

The application should show that both the volume and the activity of the waste are minimized, and that the volume and the activity of the waste meet any specific requirements that may be posed by the design of the waste storage facility.

Decommissioning practices

The application shall include a preliminary decommissioning plan for the work required to decommission the reactor facility, in accordance with REGDOC‑2.11.2, Decommissioning [43]. This plan also forms the basis for establishing a financial guarantee sufficient for decommissioning the reactor facility.

The application should describe provisions for periodic updates to include additional details and to reflect recent developments in the decommissioning plan.

The application should include a strategy for the management of waste and spent fuel when the reactor and waste storage facility are decommissioned, in accordance with section 7.24 of REGDOC‑2.5.2, Design of Reactor Facilities: Nuclear Power Plants [9].

For further guidance on decommissioning, refer to REGDOC‑2.11.2, Decommissioning [43], and REGDOC‑3.3.1, Financial Guarantees for Decommissioning of Nuclear Facilities and Termination of Licensed Activities [44].

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