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Sections 4.12.2, Facilities and equipment and 4.12.3, Response arrangements

Facilities and equipment

The application should describe how the security program ensures that:

·       security systems, devices and equipment provide deterrence, detection, assessment and delay functions

·       operational readiness is maintained

The applicant should describe the engineered safety barriers that protect against malevolent acts and how these provisions are documented as part of a managed program or process within the management system. The application should describe the process to report on changes in design, analysis or operational procedures that are credited for the protection against malevolent acts, in accordance with the Nuclear Security Regulations.

The application should describe the access control of workers and vehicles to vital areas. The application should also describe the control mechanisms, which may should include access control devices, identification badges, escorted access, and detection and assessment systems.

Response arrangements

The application should describe how the security program ensures that onsite and offsite response arrangements provide effective response to unauthorized removal of nuclear or radioactive material or to the sabotage of nuclear facilities.

The applicant should provide a tactical deployment plan that describes protection arrangements with an offsite response force.

When applicable, the applicant should demonstrate how the program ensures that a nuclear response force is in place and authorized to prevent and detect unauthorized entry into a protected area or inner area, including unauthorized entry of weapons and explosive substances.

The application should demonstrate that the communications systems are implemented commensurate to the threats, risks and vulnerabilities.

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