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Sections 4.3.3, Safe operating envelope, 4.3.4, Outage management performance and 4.3.5, Accident and severe accident management and recovery

Safe operating envelope

The applicant should provide information related to the reactor facility's proposed safe operating envelope. The application should include a description of how the corresponding requirements for surveillance, maintenance and repair are specified, to ensure that these parameters remain within acceptable limits and that systems and components are operable. Where appropriate, this information should be supported by means of a deterministic safety analysis and a probabilistic safety assessment.

The application should state the safe operating limits and conditions pertaining to reactor core, channel and fuel bundle powers. The information submitted should describe how the applicant will comply with limits imposed by the design and safety analysis assumptions – for example, the total power generated in any one fuel bundle, the total power generated in any fuel channel, and the total thermal power from the reactor fuel. The application should clearly describe the actions to be taken if the limits and conditions are not met.

The information available on the set of limits and conditions and the accompanying design information for the reactor facility should be sufficient to support the training, qualification and certification of the workers.

Outage management performance

The application should describe the approach and relevant arrangements that are proposed for conducting maintenance outages, as required by the operating cycle and other factors. The information submitted should demonstrate that an outage management program exists for the management of planned outages, including a review to ensure proper scoping, planning and execution of safety-related commitments (such as for heat sinks and dose control). 

The application should describe the timeline and milestones for the development, validation and implementation of the outage management program.

The outage management program should describe the designated criteria that the licensee will follow to confirm that planned and discovery work has been satisfactorily completed. For more information on specific reporting requirements for outages, refer to REGDOC‑3.1.1, Reporting Requirements for Nuclear Power Plants [22].

Accident and severe accident management and recovery

The application should describe the approach that will be followed to develop the emergency operating procedures (EOPs) for accident management, and the guidelines for a severe accident management (SAM) program in accordance with REGDOC‑2.3.2, Accident Management [23]. In addition to these expectations, the application should:

·       demonstrate that these procedures and guidelines support the operator when responding to anticipated and unanticipated events

·       describe the systematic approach, and the principles and data used to develop the EOPs and SAM guidelines in accordance with sections 7.3, 7.9.3, and 8.5 to 8.10 of REGDOC‑2.5.2, Design of Reactor Facilities: Nuclear Power Plants [9]

·       describe the timeline and milestones for the development, validation and implementation of all EOPs and SAMs for accident management

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