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Sections 4.4.2, Postulated initiating events and 4.4.3, Deterministic safety analysis

Postulated initiating events

The safety analysis shall identify postulated initiating events (PIEs) using a systematic methodology (for example, failure modes and effects analysis). The scope and classification of PIEs in the application shall meet the requirements specified in:

·       REGDOC‑2.4.1, Deterministic Safety Analysis [24]

·       REGDOC‑2.4.2, Probabilistic Safety Assessment (PSA) for Nuclear Power Plants [25]

·       REGDOC‑2.5.2, Design of Reactor Facilities: Nuclear Power Plants [9]

For more information on external events, see REGDOC‑1.1.1, Site Evaluation and Site Preparation for New Reactor Facilities [26].

The information provided should demonstrate that all foreseeable events with the potential for serious consequences or with a significant frequency of occurrence are anticipated and considered.

For a site with multiple units, the application should describe how the design and safety analyses have taken into account the potential for specific hazards simultaneously affecting several units on the site.

Deterministic safety analysis

The application shall include a deterministic safety analysis to evaluate and justify safety at the reactor facility, conducted in accordance with REGDOC‑2.4.1, Deterministic Safety Analysis [24]. The level of conservatism of each deterministic safety analysis should be appropriate for the class of event analyzed and the analysis objectives.

The application should provide the dose acceptance criteria.

The application should also describe the trip coverage and trip setpoints.

The deterministic safety analysis should demonstrate that applicable dose limits under design-basis accidents (DBAs) are met.

For DBAs, the application should demonstrate that there is a high confidence that qualified systems (as identified in REGDOC‑2.4.1 [24]) acting alone can mitigate the event.

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