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Sections 4.6, Fitness for service, 4.6.1, General considerations and 4.6.2, Reliability program

Fitness for service

The fitness for service SCA covers activities that affect the physical condition of SSCs to ensure that they remain effective over time. This area includes programs that ensure all equipment is available to perform its intended design function when called upon to do so.

This section addresses the requirements of the following regulations made under the NSCA:

·       General Nuclear Safety and Control Regulations, paragraphs 3(1)(d), (e), (i) and (j), and 12(1)(c) and (f)

·       Class I Nuclear Facilities Regulations, paragraphs 3(f) and 5(d), (e), (f) and (m)

·       Radiation Protection Regulations

General considerations

The application shall describe the proposed measures, policies, methods and procedures to ensure all SSCs important to safety are available to perform their intended design function when called upon to do so. The application should identify all SSCs important to safety.

Reliability program

The reliability program shall meet the requirements of REGDOC‑2.5.2, Design of Reactor Facilities: Nuclear Power Plants [9].

The application should provide a description of the reliability program that meets the general approach of REGDOC‑2.6.1, Reliability Programs for Nuclear Power Plants [27] for systems in the facility whose failure affects the risk of a release of radioactive or hazardous material. Examples of topics include:

·       setting reliability targets

·       performing reliability assessments

·       testing and monitoring

·       regulatory reporting

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