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Sections 4.9, Environmental protection and 4.9.1, General considerations

Environmental protection

The environmental protection SCA covers programs that identify, control and monitor all releases of radioactive and hazardous substances and effects on the environment from facilities or as the result of licensed activities.

This section addresses the requirements of the following regulations made under the NSCA:

·       General Nuclear Safety and Control Regulations, paragraphs 3(1)(c), (e) and (i), 12(1)(c) and (f), and 17(a), (b), (c) and (e)

·       Class I Nuclear Facilities Regulations, paragraphs 3(e), (g), and (h), and 5(b), (i), (j) and (k); and subsection 14(1)

·       Radiation Protection Regulations

General considerations

The application shall include a comprehensive set of environmental protection measures that meet the requirements of REGDOC‑2.9.1, Environmental Protection: Environmental Principles, Assessments and Protection Measures [35]. The application should include detailed information related to the potential environmental effects resulting from the conduct of construction and commissioning activities.

Because construction includes fuel-out (or phase A) commissioning, the application shall address control and monitoring of hazardous substances.

The application shall provide proposed timelines and milestones for development of provisions for environmental protection during fuel‑in commissioning and reactor facility operation.

The application should identify and describe all standards, guidelines or criteria that have been applied with respect to preventive and control measures for environmental protection from discharges from the reactor facility, including:

·       preventive and control measures pertaining to environmental protection, including their expected performance

·       a list of SSCs that are important for preventive and control measures; for example, active liquid waste and stack monitoring equipment

·       the maintenance program established to ensure the sustained operational performance of preventive and control measures

·       alarm systems to be installed to respond to failure of preventive and control measures

·       identification of the measures that will be taken to make appropriate data available to the authorities and the public

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