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Sections 4.9.5, Protection of the public and 4.9.6, Environmental risk assessment

Protection of the public

The application should identify and describe all the radiological and non-radiological aspects of site activities that could have environmental effects, including exposure to members of the public during operation.

The application should address the measures taken to identify releases of solid, liquid and gaseous radioactive effluents into the environment. It should indicate how the effluents will be managed to conform to the ALARA principle, and should include information on:

·       identification of the authorized limits and operational targets for solid, liquid and gaseous effluent releases and the measures taken to comply with such limits

·       the offsite monitoring regime for contamination levels and radiation levels in the various components of the surrounding environment, and the methods to be followed to estimate radiation doses to members of the public

·       the methods to be used to prepare, store and retain records of the radioactive releases that will be made routinely from the site

·       the dedicated release monitoring programs and alarm systems that are required to respond to unplanned radioactive releases and the automatic devices to be provided to interrupt such releases, if applicable

·       identification of the measures that will be taken to make appropriate data available to the authorities and the public

Environmental risk assessment

The application shall include an environmental risk assessment (ERA).

The applicant should review the ERA that was developed under their application for a licence to prepare the site, and update the information as necessary to reflect any changes to the site or the situation.

For more information, see REGDOC‑2.9.1, Environmental Principles, Assessments and Protection Measures [35].

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