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Sections 5.3, Indigenous engagement and 5.4, Cost recovery and financial guarantees

Indigenous engagement

The CNSC, as an agent of the Crown, has the responsibility for fulfilling Canada's legal duty to consult, and where appropriate to accommodate Indigenous peoples when the CNSC’s decisions may have had adverse effect on potential or established Indigenous or treaty rights. The CNSC is committed to meaningful ongoing engagement and consultation with Indigenous groups who have an interest in facilities and activities regulated by the CNSC.

REGDOC‑3.2.2, Indigenous Engagement [54] sets out requirements and guidance for licensees whose proposed projects may raise the Crown's duty to consult. While the CNSC cannot delegate its obligation, it can delegate procedural aspects of the consultation process to licensees, where appropriate. The information collected, and measures proposed, by licensees to avoid, mitigate or offset adverse effects may be used by the CNSC in meeting the CNSC’s obligations for consultation.

Cost recovery and financial guarantees

Each reactor facility licensee in Canada has the prime responsibility for the safety of its facility, including providing adequate financial resources to support the safety of each reactor facility throughout its life.

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