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Sections 5.4.1, Cost recovery and 5.4.2, Financial guarantees

Cost recovery

A construction licence for a reactor facility is subject to the requirements of Part 2 of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission Cost Recovery Fees Regulations. Applicants are responsible for payment of the annual fees determined by CNSC. Payments are normally requested on a quarterly basis and are due to the Receiver General of Canada.

The applicant should discuss the details of the amount and payment plan with the CNSC.

For additional information, refer to the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission Cost Recovery Fees Regulations.

Financial guarantees

The application should describe the financial guarantees for the costs of decommissioning the reactor facility according to the NSCA and the General Nuclear Safety and Control Regulations. The applicant should also provide a cross-reference to the supporting document regarding the value and form of the financial guarantee.

For more information about financial guarantees and licensing, consult REGDOC‑3.3.1, Financial Guarantees for Decommissioning of Nuclear Facilities and Termination of Licensed Activities [44].

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