REGDOC-1.1.2 Version 2 is based on REGDOC-1.1.3

The CNSC's intent is that REGDOC-1.1.1, Site Evaluation and Site Preparation for New Reactor Facilities, REGDOC-1.1.2 Version 2, and REGDOC-1.1.3, Licence Application Guide: Licence to Operate a Nuclear Power Plant provide a harmonious set of related documents that enable applicants to build the reference safety case at each stage of the reactor facility's lifecycle.

Draft REGDOC-1.1.2 Version 2 was created by copying REGDOC-1.1.3 and revising the text to apply to the construction stage of the reactor facility's lifecycle. Stakeholders who are already familiar with REGDOC-1.1.3 may wish to review the PDF version (see the "Documents" box on the right-hand side of the main project screen) that shows the changes made to create REGDOC-1.1.2 Version 2 from REGDOC-1.1.3.

The information in REGDOC-1.1.2 Version 2 reflects the construction phase of a reactor facility's lifecycle. The information in REGDOC-1.1.3 reflects the operational phase. There are similarities and overlaps; however, the information in each document is specific to the particular phase of the lifecycle. The "track changes" copy is meant to provide all stakeholders with a quick comparison of the requirements between the two different phases of the lifecycle, and to provide stakeholders who are already thoroughly familiar with REGDOC-1.1.3 with a faster method of reviewing draft REGDOC-1.1.2, Version 2.

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